HR Insights

Deputy General Manager (Reward and Training), Human Resources Department

The bank’s ideal candidate shall possess a strong sense of customer orientation, good business acumen, certain level of technology knowhow, familiarisation of regulatory requirements, and most importantly, agility.

Mr Edmond LAI
Head of Learning and Talent Development

Hang Seng Bank develops young talents to help them reach their full potentials through creating a learning culture, develop future skills in our staff force and groom our next generation of future leaders.

Ms Nina LEE
Group Head of People Capability Innovation & Insights and Regional Head of People Capability, Asia

Standard Chartered Bank aspires to become the ideal workplace for the new generation. We retain, attract and grow talents in this fast changing world with enablement, engagement and encouragement and help them unleash their full potential.

Ms Carol ZHANG
Senior Learning and Talent Development Lead,
Asia Pacific

HSBC has been pursuing a long-term and forward-looking plan for the development of its employees through staff training, talent initiatives, as well as trainee programmes for graduates, scholarships and tertiary education for prospective young talents, in facilitating its business growth.

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