Ace the Interview

Interview questions broadly come in the following areas. Be prepared to answer them.

Personality questions:
the real differentiator

Who are you?
  • Market yourself. Make it interesting!
  • Keep it professional and succinct; avoid sharing personal details.
  • Talk about your past, present and future.
Why this position?
  • Express enthusiasm for the company.
  • Align your skills and experiences with the role.
  • Connect the position to your career trajectory.
Why this bank?
  • Understand the employer’s business and customer base.
  • Talk to any alumni, friends or other contacts at the bank. Ask them about the uniqueness or culture of that place.
Why hire you?
  • Be specific about key strengths and qualifications.
  • Give examples.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Spell out your career goals clearly.
  • Connect your goals to the job description.
  • Be realistic.

Technical questions:
a basic qualifier

Role-specific questions on the skills required, such as modelling, logical reasoning and finance concepts.
Your academic background
  • Focus on skills acquired from your studies.
  • Be positive. Highlight what you are good at, such as academic results or soft skills gained from extracurricular activities.
Problem solving
  • Highlight problem-solving skills, and the logical and critical thinking behind.
  • Prepare for questions about probability theory, the relationship between variables, and event sequencing.

Other questions

Guesstimate questions
  • State your assumptions when the interviewer does not give enough facts.
  • Base your projections on the assumptions.